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Forex Education Video for XPDUSD showing a TRIANGLE CHART PATTERN posted on 06-08-2013


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PALLADIUM inches lower as a mining forum takes place in Kalgoorlie.

A Forex trading technical analysis video showing today's test of the lower edge of a triangle chart pattern.  This as the so-called Diggers & Dealers mining forum takes place today in Kalgoorlie, Australia.  The World Gold Council believes the supply/demand imbalance in the spot gold market will stabilise because 'recycling is positively correlated to the gold price'.  Were spot palladium prices to close below the triangle, 10 and 20-day moving averages would probably cross to a short position, backing up the parabolic SAR which did so 7 days ago.

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Nicole Elliott

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SPOT PALLADIUM holds its trend channel.

A Forex Trading technical analysis video showing today's bounce from the bottom of a neat trend channel that has held all this year. Support yesterday was also provided by the rising upper edge of the Ichimoku cloud and the 26-day moving average. Note that through this year Palladium has held up much better than gold so that the ratio between the two has dropped from 1.80 to 1.44 currently. See More Forex Education Videos in our Alerts Archive…
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SPOT PALLADIUM massively outperforms gold.

A Forex Trading technical analysis video showing the steady, forty-five degree progress of spot Palladium since February this year, while spot gold has languished either side of $1300 per ounce for the last twelve months. Consolidation under $890 since mid-July is seen as healthy, supported by a trend line (which we have had to re-draw) and the daily Ichimoku cloud. We feel it is a matter of time before prices manage to break higher, which should underline just how important it is to pick th…
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PALLADIUM soars to highest price since February 2001.

A Forex Trading technical analysis video showing this week's soaring price of spot palladium as today Anglo American announce a 40% drop in platinum output in Q2 2014 because of the strikes in South Africa. I have left on the chart what sime might think is a badly drawn trend line as it captures better the spirit of this move. There is a chance that July might see one of the only monthly closes above super long term resistance at $840.00 per ounce. It only traded above here for three bri…
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XPDUSD breaks above 2011 high.

A Forex Trading technical analysis video showing the strong rally of the last eleven days (remember the Rule of 8!), pushed higher by a steeply rising top edge of the Ichimoku cloud. This, after breaking below a trend line that had supported the rally since February. Palladium has performed much better than gold and now is equivalent on the spot market to 1.5 ounces of gold to 1.6 earlier. It has also managed to break above 2011's peak, something gold is nowhere near achieving in the med…
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