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Forex Education Video for XPTUSD showing FIBONACCI RETRACEMENTS posted on 25-06-2013


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Platinum gives up half of gains since 2008.

A Forex trading technical analysis video showing this week's dip to a new low for the year ($1321) after closing on a weekly basis below important long term support at $1385.  This means spot Platinum has given up half of the gains seen since the rally started in 2008 (after a dramatic collapse from a high at $2290 eight months earlier).  As we expect the ratio to gold to drop from this year's high at 1.08 to parity, we feel there is a chance that the drop that started in February will continue on down to $1285 where spot Gold currently trades.

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Nicole Elliott

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Platinum to catch up with gold.

A Forex Trading technical analysis video showing an inverted pennant chart pattern with measured targets based on its height. Note that it is still holding above October's low - just - and that the ratio to gold is alsmost at parity. The triangle part of the pennant is drawn slightly irregulary, deliberately avoiding the lunge lower and out of controal at the beginning of the month. All aspects of the Ichimoku cloud chart continue to point to further declines and the trend line which has…
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PLATINUM consolidates after collapsing.

A Forex Trading technical analysis video showing the clear-out of long platinum positions in September, bearish pressure taking the move to a juddering climax and the ratio to spot gold from 1.17 to almost parity. Subsequent triangle consolidation has brought prices closer to the trend line - which represents a more realistic rate of change. Note that all aspects of the daily Ichimoku chart remain bearish. See More Forex Education Videos in our Alerts Archive…
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PLATINUM crashes through a long term support level.

A Forex Trading technical analysis video showing how spot platinum is leading the way down, crashing through a support level at $1320 last week. The steep losses since July, 17% against a US Dollar gain of roughly 10% with its trading partner currencies, has exceeded that of gold so that the ratio between the two is back down close to parity. Both metals have key long term support levels between $1180 and $1200, so watch this pair closely. Platinum has seen the lowest weekly and monthly clos…
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SPOT PLATINUM at this year's high.

A Forex Trading technical analysis video showing a daily chart of the price of spot platinum, one which ought to be of interest to gold bugs out there as it outperforms the price of gold. Despite the fact that striking South African miners have eventually resolved their dispute and gone back to work, now we have the prospect of a loomming strike of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa, again demanding larger wage increases. These disputes have taken their toll on the South Afri…
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