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Forex Education Video for COPPER showing a MEASURED TARGET posted on 24-06-2013


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COPPER reaches its 161% measured target.

A Forex trading technical analysis video showing today's drop to the 161% measured target taken from the height of the triple top.  This has probably been caused by Friday's weekly close below a trend line that has caught the lower edge of the massive trading range since the beginning of 2010.  It also hints that we are on our way down towards the bottom of a trend channel that started in Q1 2011 which comes in at 2.9580; allow for an possible extension below here, as per Q2 2012, if we move slowly towards there.  However, we warn that the 2.9000 area is a sort of watershed which saw prices implode to 1.6000 in October 2008.

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Nicole Elliott

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COPPER crumbles in sympathy.

A Forex Trading technical analysis video showing this month's collapse in the value of copper futures in the US, partly in sympathy with crumbling crude oil and commodities generally. Already oversold but with so much bearish momentum it is likely to continue to drift towards Fibonacci 61% retracement support and possibly the very long term trend line since 2001. See More Forex Education Videos in our Alerts Archive…
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Copper looking for 2.926 - 2.891 area

$HG_F (Copper) has been rejected in every rally and we maintain our bearish Elliott Wave viewon Copper for at least another extension lower. We think new high & failure seen on Friday completed wave X and next leg lower has started. Near-term focus is on 2.995 – 2.983 area to complete wave (( w )) before we get a bounce in wave (( x )) and lower again. Wave (( x )) bounce would be expected to correct the decline from X high (3.776) and more down side toward 2.927 – 2.892 area…
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Copper outlook remains bearish below 3.116

HG_F (Copper) has been trading sideways since 11.5 (2.964) low. We have seen multiple rejections in 50 – 61.8 fib inflection zone (3.0400 – 3.057) as buyers and sellers try to overcome each other. We expect this consolidation to resolve to the downside as far as 3.116 high remains intact. Preferred Elliott Wave view suggests move up from 2.964 low is taking the of (( w)) – (( x )) – (( y )) structure when wave (( y )) is in progress. 3.061 was the end of wave ( w) of…
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Copper remains bearish on rallies against 3.113 high

Copper Futures (HG_F ) are bouncing after completing 7 swings down from 10.29 high but our preferred Elliott Wave count suggests down side is far from over and this is just a corrective bounce. Elliott Wave cycles remain bearishagainst 3.113 high and we view rallies as a selling opportunity in 3, 7 or 11 swings as far as pivot at 3.113 high remains intact. We think 3rd swing higher is in progress and while above 2.993 low, HG_F has scope to reach the ideal inflection area for the turn which…
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